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Welcome to SILVERRUDDER 2017

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We wish all sailors a safe and nice race. First start go Friday 22st. 10.00 hours from Svendborg Lystbådehavn.

Activity Program

Thursday 21/9 

07.30 - 17.00                        Bureau Open / Meeting Point – Start numbers handed out

08:30 - 16.30                        Safety Check

09.00 – 16.00                        Free crane service and launching of trailered boats at Nordre kaj

17.00 – 19.00                        SILVERRUDDER Official opening ceremony at Rundbuehallerne/Meeting Point Pre-race and weather briefing

19.00                                    Free dinner for skippers and SILVERRUDDER officials at the Meeting Point  

22.30                                    End of Meeting Point program

Friday 22/9

08.00 – 09.30                        Breakfast for skippers and officials at the Meeting Point

09.00 – 22.30                        Live Streaming, race updates and ongoing analysis of SILVERRUDDER transmitted live from the Meeting Point

10.00                                    First start SILVERRUDDER 2017

09.45 – 11.30                        VIP tour with M/S Helge for sponsors and key persons

14.00                                    Final start – we wish all the skippers a fabulous trip

Saturday 23/9

02.30                                    ETA first boat to finish after a challenging race around Funen

08.00 – 21.00                        Update og analyses from the Challenge-Studio at Svendborg Harbour

10.00 – 13.00                        Live Streaming from SILVERUDDER

10.00 – 16.00                        SILVERRUDDER Saturday at Svendborg Harbour with fun activities and food for visitors and spectators

Sunday 24/9

08.00 – 13.30                        Update and analyses from the Challenge-Studio at Svendborg Harbour

09:00 - 13:00                        Free crane service / hauling of trailered boats at Nordre kaj

12.00                                    Deadline for completion of SILVERRUDDER

13.00                                    Prize giving ceremony at Meeting Point


21.09.2017: Skipper meeting at. 17:00

 20.09.2017: Wednesday's Practice Race on at 18:00 UTC.

17.09.2017: Svendborg Harbour Saturday September 23. activities (danish only).

16.09.2017: Postponement is a possibility...

15.09.2017: Silverrudder - "Challenge of the Sea" 2017 has now opened on for registration

14.09.2017: Information's during starts via VHF Radio

 12.09.2017: Meet Mette Hundahl, SILVERRUDDERs weather prophet

11.09.2017: Important message re navigation lights

08.09.2017: Press release from

08.09.2017: Updated version of Sailing Instructions available (en, de, dk), please read carefully.

08.09.2017: Info re Harbour Plan - Crane and Trailers - Long term parking available in "The Challenge" / "Practical Info".

07.09.2017: Jury Boat


28.08.17 Information re split of category Keelboats Small and Medium

28.08.17 Participant list updated. Final version will be handed over latest registration.

24.08.17 Participant list updated.

03.04.17 Sailing Instructions explained-3

07.03.17 Sailing Instructions explained-2

22.02.17 View from the signal station

07.02.17 Sailing Instructions explained-1

22.01.17 Kindly note that the 2017 version of the 2016 Sailing Instructions contains the following amendments:

Amendments to Sailing Instructions
Verenderungen zu segelanweisung
Ændring til sejladsbestemmelser