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You are here: Latest Update

Last signal from the finishing line Silverrudder 2020 has ended:

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After the race, we talked with Ole who is the new owner off a Seascape 27:

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The volunteers supply workers

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Visit the young students from Oure Sport College who have monitor the boats during the race:

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STATUS 07.30 Sunday 20 September SILVERRUDDER 2020
The following boats have passed the finishing line in the order below. These results are tentative pending
protest. Final results will be posted after the prize giving ceremony which is at 13.00 CET.
1st. Large multi 417 Black Marlin Jan Andersen
1st. Small multi 414 Dragonfly 800 Lars Kæmpfe
1st Medium Mono 204 Fareast 31R Per Svanberg
2nd. Small multi 415 Farrier F22 Peter Højland
2nd Medium Mono 180 Black Caravela Tomasz Odzioba
1st Small Mono 91 Firlefanz Franz Schollmayer
1st Mini Mono 56 T-24 Jynx Patrick Heinrich
2nd Mini Mono 97 Flaar 26 Gyorgy Juhasz
2nd. Small Mono Dehler 30OD Arno Kronenberg
3rd. Medium Mono 280 X-99 Thomas Nielsen
1st X-Large Mono 376 First 40 Stig Wittrup
CONGRATULATIONS to these tough sailors.
UPDATE 19.00 Saturday evening
Number of boats that have quit: 203
Boats still racing: 109
Black Marlin is about 7 miles from Svendborg doing 4,2 knots and should see the current just turning to
help him into Svendborg Sound
Next boat nearest to Svendborg with 19nm to go is medium mono hull Kuai with Per Svanberg at the helm
of his Fareast 31R followed by tough Polish sailor Tomasz Obzioba in Black Caravela 9.50 19 nm from
Svendborg but only sailing 1 knot ��... followed by Firlefanz Esse 850 sailed by Silverrdder legend Franz
The Small mono hulls still has many sailors intent on getting the SILVERRUDDER T-shirt. They are bunched
up together approaching Horne Næs
Thanks to cool young sailor Nick Andersen for the great shot of Black Marlin in the sunset.
Lots of touch minis still racing... Jynx, Honk, CaBoom, Kenadama... most of these minis do not have an
engine even if they did want to quit.
Time: 15:00
Status 15.00
Approximately 180 boats have given up. Many are helping by towing each other back into harbour.
The remainder are still enjoying the tremendous September weather, but only barely moving. Don't give up hope on them though. I can see that they are still racing. In fact boats in all categories are still going for it. Many of these boats have been within meters of each other for upto 29 hours.
- The leading multihull is Jan Andersen in Black Marlin locates between Lyø and Avernakø... speed 1,7 knots.
- The leading keelboat is Per Svanberg in Fareast 31R Kuai located at Helnæs doing just around 1 knot.
Time: 13:45
Helnæs Lighthouse.
Pictures: Black Marlin at Bogø 06:30 and a picture from Little Belt


Those that have raced the SILVERRUDDER know that an ice cold morning with no wind and counter current in the Little Belt can be a killer... but remember that you came here to FINISH the race and that the SILVERRUDDER family stands together. You are all in the same boat 🙂

Hang on in there drop anchor, take a nap and get set for the next breeze to carry you home.

Time: 16:00
The two first boats, T-24 mastered by Patrik Heinrichs and CB 66 mastered by Klaus Roenn Madsen have now passed the Great Belt Bridge heading north towards Romsoe, closely followed by Seascape 18 and Platu 25
Time: 15:00
All 312 boats have started in this year's SILVERRUDDER CHALLENGE OF THE SEA in very light air and eastbound current. Some sailors were noted for a jump start, others were immediately after the start caught by the current towards Skårup Sound and had to spend quite a long time getting back on the right course towards the Great Belt. The water from Svendborg to Nyborg is filled with racing boats with Patrik Heirichs in his T 24 as the leading boat and missing 6 miles to the Great Belt Bridge.
Pictures from start:
Start at 10.
Dear SILVERRUDDER Friends and Family
TIME: 13:15
Today has been a memorable day for anyone in the sailing community in and around Svendborg. Today the SILVERRUDDER floating boat show was greater than ever. So many cool boats with so many amazing skippers all sharing tips and tricks and making final adjustments to their boats. So many skippers come to participate for different reasons, old and young. So many different nationalities. All equal members of the SILVERRUDDER family.
The skipper’s briefing went smoothly, and we greatly appreciate that absolutely everyone was wearing a mask and taking COVID-19 precautions. Thank you for helping us make the SILVERRUDDER possible.
We have decided to sail counter-clockwise with Fünen to port and hope for enough wind. First start is at 10 o’clock at Christiansminde and we expect spectators on the shore ready to share the SILVERRUDDER with us.
All the starts and highlights from the race will be live-streamed onto as well as our Facebook page SILVEERRUDDER Challenge of the seas. This year we will be streaming from the water with great film footage and action.

SILVERRUDDER 2020 429 confirmed entries.

SILVERRUDDER 2020 is scheduled to proceed under full regard to COVID19. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the event adheres to the guidelines laid down by the Danish health authorities with regard to social distancing and disinfection. The safety and health all the SILVERRUDDER family and friends will be our primary area of focus for the 2020 event.
We expect everybody to help each other stay safe and healthy.


Dear SILVERRUDDER participants Only boats that fully comply with the International Collision Avoidance Rules on navigation lights will be allowed to participate in the 2020 SILVERRUDDER Challenge.

In 2019 several boats used strobe lights as fixed navigation lights. These boats will not be allowed to start this year. Note that boats of 7 metres and less ARE also required to comply with these rules.

We refer to the statutes of the SILVERRUDDER Rule 11 below:

11. It is the responsibility of the skipper that the boat:

11.1 - is in a safe and seaworthy condition and has fixed statutory navigation lights that are applied in accordance with the International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS). Boats of less than 7 meters in length shall however have fixed navigation lights as required for boats of 7 meters or more in length as per COLREGS. Strobe lights shall only be used in distress situations.

PLEASE make sure that you solve this technical matter before your boat is checked.



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