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Welcome to SILVERRUDDER 2018

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Dear sailors, all volunteers, sponsors and collaborators

Even though wind conditions were not the most favorable for a "fast trip around Funen", some 130 skippers managed to complete SILVERRUDDER and crossing the finish line before Sunday 12.00, where the race was over.

From the race committee, we say a big congratulation to all of you, who made the challenge within the deadline, but I also have deep respect for all of you, who "threw the towel in the ring" after a lot of hours out sea without sleep and the possibility of charging the "mental battery".

I am also impressed by the good seamanship all sailors, and the ferries at Svendborg Sound showed during the completion of the starts. There was very crowded at the water, but it succeeds in an impressive way - very well done.

I would also like to say thank you to all you volunteers for the great commitment you have given again this year, for incredibly many hours in order to SILVERRUDDER once again has been settled on a high professional level, and for so much praise we got from both the participants and our collaborator - once more... thank you for a phenomenal effort.

Finally, thanks to our partners and sponsors with a passion for sailing - without you, Svendborg Amatør Sailing Club could not lift a sailing sport event of SILVERRUDDER's caliber.

Already now add a big X to your calendar on November 3rd. 17.00 Hours. It is the day we open up for the registration for SILVERRUDDER 2018 - there will be "crowded at the starting line" - We will close for registration as soon as we have reached 450 entries. Follow our website for more information when we approach the first week of November.

Sailor greetings
Ole Ingemann Nielsen




IMPORTANT: Return address for TracTrac device is: 
Ole Ingemann
Kogtvedvej 86
5700 Svendborg 

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