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30.09.2017: Sailonline and the team of SOLers embedded with SASC for the duration of the race would like to express their gratitude for such a wonderful opportunity to participate, live and in person, in Svendborg during this event.
Who could have imagined that this, only our second buddy-up with Svendborg Amatør Sailing Club (SASC) for the Silverrudder "Challenge of the Sea" 2017 , would turn out to be such a wonderful opportunity for Sailonline, with a team of SOLers embedded with SASC for the duration of the race. As a consequence, Sailonline enjoyed tremendous exposure in a TV-interview with Danish TV2 as well as in the last part of the Prize Giving Ceremony , while in the virtual race 171 registered boats took part, flying the flags of 37 different nations. The winning X-99 in the real fleet, skippered by Jan-Hendrick Franzen, was presented with a Sailonline baseball cap, together with a certificate of participation.
Kind regards

24.09.2017: SILVERRUDDER update Sunday morning
Sunday morning90 both in goal  Sunday morning at. 08:00
Still many skippers are heading towards the finish line. The night has been calm with low wind, but the boats have sailed. The biggest challenge in the year SILVERRUDDER has been the very weak wind on the tour around Funen
The sailing is shot by kl. 12.00 followed by awards ceremony at. 13:00
Make a good trip to you "out there"

23.09.2017:Black Marlin nr 1 i året silverrudder First boat has just crossed the finish line at 19.33.54 o'clock –sail time 29 h 33 m 53 sec. Congratulation to the boat Black Marlin and her owner Jan Andersen. 
Within a short time we will see a lot of boats arrive at the Svendborg target.

23.09.2017: Testing and viewing
If you would like to just  have a look "inside" sailonline to see the progress of the virtual race and the IRL X-99'ers, you just need to go to the website, log in as GUEST with the password GUEST.

You will be placed at the Start/Finish line in Svendborg with NO possibilities to move, but available to look around on the screen (map) to see what going on right now.

We have also a link to a TV-interview from TV2/Fyn from yesterday about sailonline's participation in Silverrudder 2017:

22.09.2017: It is evening now and the main panel has passed by Faaborg and is now on their way in Little Belt. The front boats still sails in a good speed, but can expect a challenge at the passage of the narrow part of Little Belt this night.
30 sailors have now dropped out, as they have lost patience with a rather light wind.
First boat is not expected to arrive Svendborg saturday before noon.

21.09.2017: The world's biggest racing for single-hand sailors "SILVERRUDDER CHALLENGE OF THE SEA" approaches the start-up - skipper meeting at. 17:00. There is a lot of crowd at the meeting point and svendborg harbor, lots of excited sailors and boats in all designs. Participant numbers, sailing info etc. may be picked up at the office.

Verdens største kapsejlads for singlehandsejlere ”SILVERRUDDER CHALLENGE OF THE SEA” nærmer sig startskuddet – skippermøde kl. 17.00
Der er liv i Meeting Point og Svendborg Havn masser af spændte sejlere og både i alverdens udformninger. Deltagernumre, sejladsinfo m.m. afhentes i bureauen.
Alle de frivillige gi´r den gas 

20.09.2017: Practice Race on at 18:00 UTC.

If you are new to this, just get in on the website and click on "Getting Started" and register yourself with a boatname and password of your choice.

When that is done, you can enter the race by clicking on "GO TO RACE". That's it !

Tonight at 18:00 UTC (20:00 Danish time) we have arranged a Practice Race for you to join to get a feeling of how to steer you boat. There will be a lot of other SOL'ers, ready to help you in the english chatroom.

Here is a map over tonight's Practice Race:

Practice Race

16.09.2017: The Race Committee ask you to pay attention to rules regarding postponement in the Sailing Instructions for use if weather or other circumstances require this.


Before the starting signal of a start, the race committee may, for any reason postpone all starts not yet startet. Flag AP will be displayed along with 2 sound signals. The postponement will be announced on VHF channel 72. Flag AP will be displayed ashore, and can be accompanied with a numeral pennant indicating the minimum duration of the postponement in hours.

End of postponement: When AP is lowered along with a sound signal, there will be 5 minutes to the warning signal indicating the next start. The end of postponement will be announced on VHF channel 72.

If a postponement is executed in the morning prior to commencement of the Silverrudder Challenge, AP over a numeral pennant will be displayed at the Svendborg Harbour Master’s office, indicating the minimum duration of the postponement in hours.
When postponement has ended, boats will be started in the same order as no. 7. START PROCEDURE.

Kindest regards

15.09.2017: Silverrudder - "Challenge of the Sea" 2017 has now opened on for registration.

If you are new to this, just get in on the website and click on "Getting Started" and register yourself with a boatname and password of your choice.

When that is done, you can enter the race by clicking on "GO TO RACE". That's it !

Tonight at 18:00 UTC (20:00 Danish time) we have arranged a Practice Race for you to join to get a feeling of how to steer you boat. There will be a lot of other SOL'ers, ready to help you in the english chatroom.

Here is a map over tonight's Practice Race:

Map over tonight's Practice Rice 

Hope to see you there👍 
Finn Møller Christensen / Bimmer

14.09.2017: Announcements to all participants

VHF Radio

Remember to keep your VHF radio open. The race officer intends to broadcast race management information before and during the starts regarding count down to the start, postponements etc. to the fleet by VHF radio channel 72.

All communication by VHF radio will in english.

To be clear, In case of discrepancy between the VHF information and the starting flags, the flags shall apply.

Kind Regards

12.09.2017: Mette Hundahl, SILVERRUDDERs weather prophet

Mette HundahlMette is a trained master mariner and works as a lecturer of navigation at Marstal navigation school. In her spare time, Mette is keen sailor at Thurø Sailing club and is the author of books on navigation and meteorology. Mette also conducts lecturers on meteorology for pleasure yachtsmen. 

Mette has taught at navigation schools for the past 26 years and has a sound local knowledge of the waters in which the SILVERRUDDER will be raced. Mette is a member of the SILVERRUDDFER safety team that will be monitoring the race round the clock.

Mette loves to write and publish high quality litterature for proffessional seafarers and pleasure yachtsmen. Se ”Det Blå Forlag”.

Mette has kindly agreed to give the SILVERRUDDER skippers and support team a briefing on the forecast weather and current situation during their circumnavigation of Funen.

Mettes good advice to single-handed sailors:

Be familiar with the weather forecast and any expected changes during the race period...
Use local reliable weather forecasts...
Assess what weather is dangerous for your boat…
Decide upon your physical, mental and weather related limitations…

11.09.2017: Dear SILVERRUDDER sailor, we will ask you to pay attention the item, Navigation lights

From the Sailing Instructions we repeat.

Participating boats must be equipped with fixed statutory navigation lights in accordance with the International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS). Boats of less than 7 meters in length shall however have fixed navigation lights as required for boats of 7 meters or more in length as per COLREGS.
Vessels failing to display navigations lights in accordance with COLREGS will be disqualified.
Participants whose lights fail during the race must immediately withdraw from the race notifying the Safety Committee on +45/30690951 or +45/30894783

If you do not comply with the above rule you will not be allowed to start the race. You have to sign up, by registration in meeting point, that you has all security equipment and navigation lights, as descreibed in the statutes no. 11.1 and 11.2.

Kindest regards

07.09.2017: Jury Boat

During the start procedures of this year’s SILVERRUDDER a jury boat will be present in the starting area in order to ensure compliance with the starting rules. The Jury boat will display a yellow flag with the letter J.

Participants observed in breach of the Sailing Instructions will be warned or reported to the Race Committee.

Boats observed using their engines after their 4-minute preparatory signal will immediately be reported to the Race Committee.

We would also like to take this opportunity to stress that the SILVERRUDDER is governed by the International Collision Avoidance Rules and NOT conventional race rules.

This means that competitors are obliged to take all necessary action to avoid collision and luffing of competitors that pass to windward is a violation of these rules. 

The overtaking boat must keep clear and the boat overtaking must maintain course and speed as far as the wind conditions allow.

Kindest regards


In order to improve and harmonize communication for participants of all nationalities, the SILVERRUDDER TEAM has decided to shut down the Danish version of the SILVERRUDDER website so that only the English version will be available.

The Statutes and Sailing Instructions will still be available in English, German and Danish language.

This amendment will become effective September 6th. 2017. 

Kind regards
SILVERRUDDER TEAM and Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub

07.03.2017: Sailing Instructions explained Part 3

Starting time:
The starting time the first start of the 2017 Silverrudder has been moved to 10.00 instead of 08.00. There are several reasons for this change. Among these are more stable wind conditions and more time for the participants to make final preparations for the race. Also the fact that the deadline for ammendments to the Notice of Race is set at 07.00 giving you more time to check the Notice Board and react acordingly.

Logo or sail number on the mail sail:
Kindly note the last sentence of Rule 9 of the Statutes: All boats must display clear numbers or logo on their main sail.

See full Rule 9 in Statutes below:
“Challenging boats are required to fly a stern pennant with a sponsor logo and / or the Silverrudder™ Challenge logo. Stickers with start number and Silverrudder™ Challenge and sponsor logo must be attached to each side of the hull(s). These items will be available the day before the start. It is the responsibility of each participant to carefully attach the stickers to the hull(s) no more than 0.5m from the bow of the boat in a manner, that reduces the risk of stickers falling off and harming the environment. All boats must display clear numbers or logo on their main sail.”

For safety reasons, it is important that the Race Comittee are able to possitively identify all participating boats. All participants are requested to check that their logo or sail number are clearly visible to officials, jury boats and competitors alike.

This item have been added to the random checks conducted by Silverrudder officials prior to start.

Kindest regards
Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub og SILVERRUDDER TEAM

07.03.2017 Sailing Instructions explained Part 2

20 minute DNC rule:

In order to clear the starting area swiftly after each start, the 2016 edition of the Sailing Instructions imposed a DNC on any boat not having passed the starting line 20 minutes following their start signal. This rule prove impossible to enforce in light weather and counter current.

The 2017 edition of the rules have been ammended to the following:

Boats that have not passed the starting line 60 minutes following the last start signal will be considered as NOT started. (Rule 7 of the 2017 Sailing Instructions)

This ammendment will allow boats to start in light winds and unfavourable current and temporarily drop anchor if necessary without the risk of disqualification provided that the starting line has been crossed no later that 60 minutes after the last Silverrudder start.

Number of boats in starts:

In the interest of enhancing safety for participants and their boats, we have decided once again to divide the largest categories into two starts. It provides significantly move manouvering space for boats in the starting area and allows the starting officials to register the starting boats which is essential for safety purposes.

Although the boats from one category is divided into two starts, the race to win the Silverrudder challenge remains the same.

The race committee do their utmost to ensure that compatible or identical boats are placed in the same start. Once a draft start list has been compiled, it will be published as a provisional start list on The final start list will be handed out when participants register at the Meeting Point the day before the race.

The race committee hopes that participants understand that this decision is taken solely to ensure your safety.

Use of VHF for start signals:

It can be difficult to hear the start signals and see the flags due to the many boats on the starting area. The race committee has therefore decided to announce starts and countdowns on VHF channel 72 starting from  10 minutes before each start followed by – 5 min. – 4 min. – 1 min. – Start signals. 
All information regarding starts will be transmitted in English on Ch. 72

Kindly note that Rule 10 of the 2017 Silverrudder Statutes requires all participants to maintain a listening watch on Ch. 72: All participants must be contactable via either handheld or stationary VHF radio.

In case of discrepancy between the VHF information and the starting flags, the flags shall apply.

Kind regards
Svendborg Amatør Sejlkub and SILVERRUDDER TEAM

22.02.2017 The Start
... is a vital part of any regatta.

Months of preparation on the part of the participants and organizers culminating in intense minutes as the start sequences count down. The boats are bundled up close to each other on the relatively short starting line and spectators have ample opportunity to follow the first exciting minutes of the race.

Starting is a challenge particularly in the Silverrudder. Firstly, there are all the other participants to look out for; secondly, there is the current, local breezes, shoals and ferries servicing the nearby islands in the archipelago of South Funen to steer clear of.

Single-handed sailors notoriously have their hands full. However, single-handed racers have far more than enough on their hands and particularly during the start of the race. The Silverrudder starting team have been impressed by the good seamanship displayed by participants during the final countdown, as well as by boats keeping well clear of the starting area when proceeding to the starting line. When starting with Funen on the port side, boats have respected the wishes of the Silverrudder starting team and kept well to the south along the Vindeby breakwater.

In addition, the local ferries servicing the nearby islands have been very considerate and attempted to respect the starting fleet despite the fact that it is no mean feat to maneuver a large ferry with little or no headway in confined waters and surrounded by hundreds of boats. We strongly urge all participants to continue to be extra considerate when the ferries approach and bear in mind the huge responsibility that rests upon the shoulders of the navigators on these ships.

Despite the hectic conditions surrounding the start of the Silverrudder Challenge, it is the aim of the starting team to provide you with the best possible start to your circumnavigation of Funen.

Our primary focus being on safety, the sailing instructions are constantly improved in order to optimize start conditions. An example of this is the fact that boats crossing the starting line too early are not able to restart due to the risk involved. Instead, they are awarded a penalty of no less than 30 minutes. Last year, due to the risk involved when starting more than a hundred boats in one start, we found it necessary to split some categories into two starts. This was not necessarily a perfect solution, but taken in order to secure the safety of the sailors.

  • Following two years of very calm conditions during the early hours of the morning, it has been decided to postpone the first start until 10 o’clock and reserve the right to further delay starts should weather conditions require.
  • A further improvement is that all starting information will now be transmitted on VHF channel 72.
  • Furthermore, this year there will be a jury boat present in the starting area helping the starting team ensure that the Sailing Instructions are adhered to.

These improvements to the start of the race require extra manpower and fortunately Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub and its neighboring clubs have many volunteers willing to help. Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated! Also, the youngest ever participant of the Silverrudder Challenge, Kasper Lander has decided not to participate this year and has instead offered to assist us as part of the starting team. Well done Kasper!

As you all can tell, we are well into the preparations for the Silverrudder Challenge 2017 and can hardly wait to see you all on the starting line.

Starting Team

07.02.2017: Sailing Instructions explained-1


This is the first of a series of information bulletins aimed at clarifying selected Silver Rudder Sailing Instructions and Statutes 2017

  1. Note that the Pre-start briefing will now be held at the Meeting Point at 17.00 on Thursday 21st. September.
  2. In order for the Silver Rudder Safety Committee to conduct random safety checks, all boats MUST be moored and manned in the allocated area in Svendborg Harbour no later than 16.00 on Thursday 21st. September.
    Any boats that do not comply with this rule will be noted as (DNC Did Not Compete).
    See Rule 13 of Sailing Instructions below:
    13. SAFETY
    Upon receipt of a tracking system and start number, the participant declares that all statutory safety equipment on board fulfills the Statutes governing this race.
    The Safety Committee will undertake random checks of participating boats from 09.00 on the day before the start and again after the race.
    All participating boats must be available for random security inspection in Svendborg Harbour no later than 21st. September 16.00
  3. The deadline for Notice of Race announcements has been set at 07.00 on the starting day.
    The Race Committee reserves the right to make alterations to the Notice of Race until 07.00 on the starting day. This has been introduced in order to accommodate last-minute weather and traffic changes.
    All participants should therefore look at the Information Board at the Meeting Point between 07.00 and before proceeding to the starting line. Any changes will be posted on the Information Board.
    (See Rule 4 of Sailing Instructions below:

    Notice of Race and information to participants will be displayed on the official Information Board at the Meeting Point no later than Friday 22nd. September at 07.00.
    Any critical information regarding starts will be announced on VHF channel 72



22.01.2017: Amendments to Sailing Instructions:

Kindly note that the 2017 version of the 2016 Sailing Instructions contains the following amendments:
All boats MUST be available for safety check in Svendborg Harbour on Thursday 21st September
The deadline for Notice of Race announcements has been amended to 07.00 on the starting day
Start count-downs and other important information will be announced on the by VHF
First start is now scheduled at 10.00
The rule that disqualified boats not having passed the starting line 20 minutes after their start signal no longer applies. See no. 7. Start, last sentence
All boats must have a boat logo or sail number or similar on their main sail. See statutes no. 9
The postponement procedure has been revised
All boat owners must take out third party liability insurance
Kindly ensure that you take the time to read up on these changes and keep an active eye on the website where each of the above changes will be explained in detail during the coming months.

Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub and the Silverrudder Team


Each participating boat must have a valid third-party liability insurance.
NOTE: Proof of cover must be shown upon registry.


22.01.2017: Verenderungen zu segelanweisung:

Jedes teilnehmende Boot muss eine gültige Haftpflichtversicherung haben.
ANMERKUNG: Ein Nachweis des Versicherungsschutzes ist bei der Anmeldung vorzuzeigen.


04.12.2016: Silverrudder Challenge of the Sea 2017 is sold out.

Dear SILVERRUDDER participants

Silverrudder Challenge of the Sea 2017 is sold out. Thanks for your huge interest in this event. The race committee has decided to stop the registration on 450 boats. In previous years, there have been many no shows, so we will allow a suitable number of extra participants to enroll, to ensure that about 400 boats actually start.
Boats on the list of participants today are in the race, if they comply with the Statutes and have paid the starting fee.

So, congratulations to all of you and we look so much forward to see you in Svendborg September 2017.



03.12.2016: SILVERRUDDER 2017 SOLD OUT

Due to the huge interest in the event, we have suspended registration. More than 400 participant enrolled for the Silverrudder Challenge 2017 in less than 24 hours. This is nothing short of sensational. Congratulations to all of you and special congratulations to those of you that have signed up for the first time. You are in for a great adventure and a memorable experience.

The Silverrudder concept remains the same. Singlehanded around the picturesque island of Funen on the 22st September 2017.  Adjustments to the Sailing Instructions and Statutes have been made in order to enhance safety and service to the participants. Read these carefully.

Kindly ensure that you have paid upon enrollment or your start ticket will be passed on to another participant.

Keep an eye on the official Silverrudder website for ongoing news.



22.09.2016: Silverrudder on Sailonline

Silverrudder on Sailonline


18.09.2016: For X-99 Skippers
On behalf of the Danish X-99 sailors I like to invite all X-99 skippers and support team to a small get-together event on Thursday 22nd September, 17:00 - 18:00 at the jetty near harbour office – look for Bluenose.
Then we can say hello to our competitors and wish for a good race. We will bring some beers and softdrinks.
Hope to see all of you. DEN 512 - Bluenose


14.09.2016: Sailing Instructions - Silverrudder Challenge 2016.


09.09.2016: Assistance to launch and bring boats ashore  
                    Hilfe zur Einsetzung und Ausheben von Trailerbooten.


05.09.2016: The Port of Svendborg will be closed for ordinarily visiting yachts in the period 19th to 25th September as the boats participating in  Silverrudder 2016 will occupy the full capacity of the port in the week upto the event. Visiting yachts will be referred to the round marina or to the marina of Vindeby. Participants in  Silverrudder 2016 arriving to Svendborg before 19th September are kindly requested to moor their boat in the berth right in front of the port office.  
Participants in Silverrudder 2016 are free of port dues in the period Saturday 17th September to Sunday 2nd October, incl. Participants arriving before 17th Sept. will be charged DKK 100,- per day by Svendborg / Silverrudder ticket, to be settled at the port office. After 2nd October charge will be at ordinary rate to be paid at the ticket machine of the port.


18.05.2016: Statutes 2016 have been uploaded  in both English and German version. 
When studying  the statutes you should pay extra attention to paragraph 12 which has been amended with regard to the request for navigation lights for boats less than 7 meters.
Furthermore, applying to all boats the description of approved distress rockets has been clarified.

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