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30.10.2018:  Silverrudder 2019 starting lines moved
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  1. 08:15 Mini
  2. 08:45 Small
  3. 09:15 Medium
  4. 09:45 Large
  5. 10:15 X Large
  6. 10:45 All Multihulls


The race starts 20th. of September 2019

Sale starts: Sunday 24th. March 2019 at 17.00 CET

450 starting numbers only

20.09.2018: Return of trackers

20.09.2018: SILVERRUDDER has been postponed until Saturday 22 September 
  • 08.15 First Start Saturday 22.September
  • 15.00 Sunday 23 September: Deadline for completion


  • 09.00 – 15.00 REGISTRATION
  • 17.00 New skipper briefing

STARTS 22 September


  1. 15 Mini
  2. 45 Small
  3. 15 Medium
  4. 45 Large
  5. 15 X Large
  6. 45 All Multihulls

09.09.2018: SEASCAPE brings world record holder to SILVERRUDDER 2018

The SILVERRUDDER team is proud to announce that Phil Sharp, currently leading the Class40 series, will be participating in the SILVERRUDDER 2018. Phil has borrowed a Seascape 24 and is participating as a part of his training ahead of November’s world famous Route du Rhum single-hand race FROM St-Malo – Guadeloupe… which he incidentally won in 2006.

Phil Sharp is one of Britain’s most successful offshore sailor of recent years. He has achieved top results in the toughest transatlantic races including The Transat, Route du Rhum, Mini Transat, and Transat Jacques Vabre. Phil holds the world speed record for the Channel (under 60 ft) and the Round Britain and Ireland (under 40 ft), he has also won the 2017 Class 40 Championship.

Phil has agreed to a short interview after the pre-race briefing and dinner the evening before we start our single-handed race around Fyn. We look forward to welcoming Phil and all the rest of you participating in this year’s SILVERRUDDER in Svendborg.

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02.02.2018: Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub and SILVERRUDDER won the “The South Funen Initiative Award” 2018.

The big volunteer effort, the creation of an event that places southern Funen on the map with the source in the waters surrounding us, the jury decided to choose the SILVERRUDDER, the winner of the “South Funen Initiative Award” 2018, founded by Fyns Amts newspaper.

After the appointment of 60 associations or individuals, the Volunteers in Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub were nominated among the top five, and in the end the jury decided that the award should go to Svendborg Amatør Sailing Club because of the race SILVERRUDDER. The reason was that the initiative should be sustainable, unique, and put southern Funen on the map and be based on voluntary and non-profitability.

The jury stated that SILVERRUDDER is almost a symbol of the southern Funen soul. The event holds the strong union force based on the maritime. With its great attractiveness on foreign sailors, SILVERRUDDER helps to spread the knowledge of South Funen. Half of the participants are foreign. The non-profitability also shows that while approx. 100 volunteers help with the event, there are only about 10 of the club's own members participating in the hard race.

With the credit, a check of 30.000 DDK is followed and the club's chairman Per Ingemann promised that this money would be earmarked for the volunteers. The small nice sculpture that comes with, will be placed in a prominent place in the new clubhouse, which we plan to build this year.

Congratulations to all the volunteers in Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub, with this recognition for the commitment and effort that is being put in SILVERRUDDER and other activities in the sailing club.

26.10.2017: How to register for SILVERRUDDER 2018
Registration Form
Your full name including first name and family name must be included as these are used for identification reference.

Include a valid E-mail address so that we are able to communicate with you.

Remember to add the mobile/cell phone number that you intend to use during the race. Changes to this number must be e-mailed to Silverrudder Team  as soon as possible.

You must write your mainsails sail logo and/or number. This is our means of identifying your boat during starts and if your start number fall off your hull. In the registration form, you may temporarily write ’tdb’ if you do not know your sail logo/number at the time of registration. As no boat may start the race without this, you are required to notify the Race Committee as soon as you have the sail logo and or number.

When paying your starting fee (€ 150 or DKr. 1.100), make sure to include your full name in the bank transfer information. Only one boat may be registered per payment.

Your participation cannot be guaranteed until your starting fee has been received in our bank account. You will, however be temporarily registered in the list of participants in the order of your registration until any problem with your bank transfer has been solved.

If in doubt as to the loa (length overall) of your boat in feet and inches, we advise that you write the loa in millimeters in the Message box of the registration form.

We hope that this information will facilitate your registration.

Kind regards
SILVERRUDDER TEAM and Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub

30.09.2017: Sailonline and the team of SOLers embedded with SASC for the duration of the race would like to express their gratitude for such a wonderful opportunity to participate, live and in person, in Svendborg during this event.
Who could have imagined that this, only our second buddy-up with Svendborg Amatør Sailing Club (SASC) for the Silverrudder "Challenge of the Sea" 2017 , would turn out to be such a wonderful opportunity for Sailonline, with a team of SOLers embedded with SASC for the duration of the race. As a consequence, Sailonline enjoyed tremendous exposure in a TV-interview with Danish TV2 as well as in the last part of the Prize Giving Ceremony , while in the virtual race 171 registered boats took part, flying the flags of 37 different nations. The winning X-99 in the real fleet, skippered by Jan-Hendrick Franzen, was presented with a Sailonline baseball cap, together with a certificate of participation.
Kind regards

24.09.2017: SILVERRUDDER update Sunday morning
Sunday morning90 both in goal  Sunday morning at. 08:00
Still many skippers are heading towards the finish line. The night has been calm with low wind, but the boats have sailed. The biggest challenge in the year SILVERRUDDER has been the very weak wind on the tour around Funen
The sailing is shot by kl. 12.00 followed by awards ceremony at. 13:00
Make a good trip to you "out there"

23.09.2017:Black Marlin nr 1 i året silverrudder First boat has just crossed the finish line at 19.33.54 o'clock –sail time 29 h 33 m 53 sec. Congratulation to the boat Black Marlin and her owner Jan Andersen. 
Within a short time we will see a lot of boats arrive at the Svendborg target.

23.09.2017: Testing and viewing
If you would like to just  have a look "inside" sailonline to see the progress of the virtual race and the IRL X-99'ers, you just need to go to the website, log in as GUEST with the password GUEST.

You will be placed at the Start/Finish line in Svendborg with NO possibilities to move, but available to look around on the screen (map) to see what going on right now.

We have also a link to a TV-interview from TV2/Fyn from yesterday about sailonline's participation in Silverrudder 2017:

22.09.2017: It is evening now and the main panel has passed by Faaborg and is now on their way in Little Belt. The front boats still sails in a good speed, but can expect a challenge at the passage of the narrow part of Little Belt this night.
30 sailors have now dropped out, as they have lost patience with a rather light wind.
First boat is not expected to arrive Svendborg saturday before noon.

21.09.2017: The world's biggest racing for single-hand sailors "SILVERRUDDER CHALLENGE OF THE SEA" approaches the start-up - skipper meeting at. 17:00. There is a lot of crowd at the meeting point and svendborg harbor, lots of excited sailors and boats in all designs. Participant numbers, sailing info etc. may be picked up at the office.

Verdens største kapsejlads for singlehandsejlere ”SILVERRUDDER CHALLENGE OF THE SEA” nærmer sig startskuddet – skippermøde kl. 17.00
Der er liv i Meeting Point og Svendborg Havn masser af spændte sejlere og både i alverdens udformninger. Deltagernumre, sejladsinfo m.m. afhentes i bureauen.
Alle de frivillige gi´r den gas 

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