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You are here: Latest Update
Dear Silverrudder friends and family.
The Silverrudder Team has kept a low profile during the last couple of months, closely monitoring the Corona situation daily and constantly considered our short- and long-term options.
Rest assured that we have every intention in the world of starting the SILVERRUDDER Challenge og September 18th as planned. Only intervention from government bodies, closed borders or restrictions in public gatherings will stop the race. Denmark has reopened most activities during the past two weeks and we are closely following the lifting of important final restrictions such as closed borders and freedom of movement.
Should we be restricted in the number of people allowed to gather for registration, skipper briefing or dining, then several options are open to us. As necessary, social distancing will be affected for the safety check and for the handing in or out of starting numbers, finisher shirts etc.
The following options have been discussed:
    • Registration in several, but smaller open-air registration booths on the harbour.
    • One-on-one safety checks
    • Virtual skippers briefing on-line whilst skippers remain in their boats or…
    • Skippers briefing in the harbour on a wide-screen whilst skippers remain in their boats
    • Re-design of the social events
We have received extremely few cancellations despite these exceptional circumstances. On the other hand, several sailors have contacted us asking if they can be added to the waiting list. SILVERRUDDER does not have a waiting list. However, the cancelled registrations will be sold on a first come first served basis as per the schedule below:
- On 1 August at 18.00 CET sale of cancelled entries will commence until 450 entries are reached or:

- Until 1 September at 18.00 CET where sale of cancelled entries stops.
Registration will take place on the website.
We will do our best to keep you informed of any breakthroughs or news, and forturately time is on our side.
Kind regards
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