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Dear SILVERRUDDER Friends and Family

Many of us will start our summer holidays soon and hopefully we will have some fantastic warm summer sailing.
The Danish borders are slowly but surely opening and we are now confident that the SILVERRUDDER 2020 is going to take place as planned on September 18th.

We have been contacted by quite a few sailors that did not manage to buy an entry for the 2020 SILVERRUDDER. We have also had a few cancellations. Remember that if you decide to cancel your registration, you must do so before 1. July at 18.00 CET if you want to get a part-refund of 500.-

If you want to participate, but haven’t yet bought an entry, be ready on 9. August at 17.00 CET where sale of cancelled entries will commence on the website. Price 1200 or €161

Sale of entries will stop once we again reach 450 entries or no later than 1. September at 18.00 CET. We hope to meet many of you on the water during your summer sailing adventures.

Kind regards

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