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Welcome to SILVERRUDDER 2021 - Sale starts: 7 March 18.00 CET.

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The SILVERRUDDER Team is delighted to announce that X-Yachts and SILVERRUDDER have entered a long-term partnership for future SILVERRUDDER events. (Use this link.)

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COVID-19 precautions have forced us to prioritize the primary purpose of the SILVERRUDDER. To Race
around Funen. This means that some of the social elements of the race have been cancelled or redesigned
this year.

We may gather in the Meeting Point for the skipper briefing if everyone is seated OR you may choose to
watch the skipper briefing live on the official ‘SILVERRUDDER Challenge of the Sea’ Facebook page.
There will be no tables, no bar, and no dinner at the Meeting Point.
There will be no communal dining after the skipper meeting or breakfast Friday morning. Sailors may
collect free pre-packed dinner and free packed breakfasts.
All sailors will be given a SILVERRUDDER bracelet that they must wear if they wish to enter the Meeting
We must help each other by keeping a distance at all times.
We will avoid queues when entering or leaving the Meeting Point or when picking up food and drinks by
emptying one row of chairs at a time and in an orderly fashion.
Please follow the instructions of the SILVERRUDDER officials.
All SILVERRUDDER volunteers will be located in a separate building in the Maritime Centre.
The above precautions are necessary if we want to du what we love the most… sail the SILVERRUDDER.



03 March. 2021

Dear SILVERRUDDER friends and family.

The starting line will consist of a starting boat at the southern end and a hut ashore at the northern end.

A starting zone from 100 meters to the west and up to the starting line will be established. No use of engines

after 4 minutes signal is allowed in the starting zone. It is allowed to sail through the zone until the 4 minute signal.

Boats may use their engines until they reach the start zone. A jury boat will be present in the starting zone.

We hope that the starting zone will help avoid unnecessary protests and hearings.


Mooring and Parking

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10th Anniversary

Race on 17. September

Sale starts:
7 March 18.00 CET.