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Welcome to SILVERRUDDER 2023 

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Dear SILVERRUDDER Friend and Family

The SILVERRUDDER Team is busy planning the SILVERRUDDER 2023 and to make this yet another memorable event and a unique sailing experience, we wish to share a little information with you.

The basic framework of the race remains the same. 450 boats start and finish in Svendborg, all of which are eager to beat the record around the island of Funen. No complicated measurement rules exist, and the simple safety rules must me complied with by all participants.

Registration for this year’s race starts on March 5 at 18.00 CET. The starting fee is 200 Euros. Only 450 entries are available, and these are usually sold very fast so if you are considering registering for the first time, please do not wait around to see all entries sold out and you being left behind as a spectator.

Entries are sold on the SILVERRUDDER website

Please make sure that the name of the participating skipper is written on your bank transfer. Your registration is NOT final until your payment has been received. Payment must be made immediately upon registration. If we have not registered your payment by March 31st. 2023, the registration will be cancelled without further notice.

If you are new to the SILVERRUDDER, please read up on the Sailing Instructions and race Statutes. Most of your questions will be answered there. Otherwise, please feel free to write to us:

Look forward to seeing you on the list of participants in a month.








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 Dear SILVERRUDDER Friends and Family

Thanks for making SILVERRUDDER 2022 a memorable event. We have simply loved organizing this year’s SILVERRUDDER and we are overwhelmed by the positive feedback and response that you have sent to us again. Keep it coming 😊

I imagine that 2022 will be remembered for several factors… Lars Steen’s You’ll Never Walk Alone, strong counter current in the Great Belt and Svendborg, every thinkable weather condition, Nick Andersen at 16 completing the race, the new community of women SILVERRUDDER sailors, incredible atmosphere at the harbour, the generous sponsor prizes, Chamix donating Dkr. 10000 for a party for the voluneens. The list goes on and on.

Everyone comes to the SILVERRUDDER with a smile on their face. Thanks to all of you for contributing with positive energy and your unique community spirit.

The SILVERRUDDER may have come to an end for this year, but the YNSA drug is inside all of us, and we have already started to discuss many small improvements and adjustments for 2023. The SILVERRUDDER Team will be meeting on Thursday to start the ball rolling for next year’s event.

I can reveal that on the agenda is increased focus on women and junior sailors; the next generation SILVERRUDDER Family.

The SILVERRUDDER Team will be back on the harbour with commentary, films and welcoming smiles again next year.

Please send any suggestions for improvements that you feel may improve the event… and if you feel like volunteering, please get in touch.

Save the dates:
5 March 18.00 CET TICKET SALE
15 September 2023 RACE DAY

Once again, thanks to the volunteers and our valued sponsors for your loyalty and commitment. The face of the SILVERRUDDER is every volunteer that contributes with hours of work, laughter and comradeship in the best conceivable SILVERRUDDER Family spirit. Without them, none of our success would be possible.

On behalf of the entire SILVERRUDDER Team... YNSA

Steen, Jørn and Philip




Thanks for a memorable event and for all your kind comments. We will be ready to receive you with open arms again next year for an even greater event.Here are a few simple facts from this year's race:

Registered boats: 450

Cancelations before the start: 26
Boats that stayed away with no cancelation: 103
Boats that started the race: 321
Boats that completed the race: 242
DNF: 75
DSQ: 4

No new records were set.
Please do not hesitate to send us suggestions on how we can improve this great race to: