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The countdown to the world's largest single hand race "SILVERRUDDER CHALLENGE OF THE SEA" also called “Silver Rudder” has begun. The race will start  September 23rd  with start and finish in the beautiful Svendborg Sund. 

SILVERRUDDER is an annual recurring single hand race around Fyn,  first sailed in 2012, when 15 skippers had taken up the challenge. 

In 2015 the registration closed 3 months before racestart, when the race was fully booked  with 330 registered boats of all sizes - well, who had believed that SILVERRUDDER would become the world's largest single hand race. 

As from 2016  Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub is behind the professional conduct of the event after “BådNyt” early this  year chose to transfer full ownership of the race to the yacht club. About the background to withdraw from  Silverrudder chief editor of “BådNyt”, Turid Fennefoss Nielsen says: 

"BådNyt has participated to arrange Silverrudder for four years, and now it is time to hand it over to Svendborg. To make this type of events is beyond our core business, so it is quite natural for us to let Silverrudder go now. We will of course continue to render our support and to cover the event in ”BådNyt". 

In connection with the transfer, Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub  has worked hard to enable the registration module  on We have now finally succeeded. The website will during spring be under constant expansion / development with continuous updates, newsletters and practical info. 

As the limitation is set to 400 boats we shall find room for all, meaning even tougher competition and greater demands on seamanship. 

The challenge for the sailors is still the same - to perform 134 NM alone on the boat, against competitors, elements and against themselves - all alone on board! 

The new legal basis in Svendborg, means that the sailing club can develop the event even more, in close cooperation with Sport Event Fyn, Svendborg Event, Svendborg Municipality and the local business and associations, and thus emphasize Svendborg's maritime profile and home to both national and international sailing events. 

New as from this year, the activitycenter of the race  - also called Meeting Point – will move from Krøyers Pakhus  into Rundbuehallerne, Frederiksøen - a great location  made available - we get more space both indoors and outdoors for many new landside activities planned launched for SR 2016, so there will be activity in the harbour throughout the weekend until the single hand sailors return from their trip around the island of Funen. 

Head for the port of  Svendborg in the weekend 23rd  to 25th  September, and experience a city and a port full of lively maritime activity and a "forest of masts". 

Welcome to Silverrudder Challenge of the Sea. 

Head of Race
Ole Ingemann Nielsen
Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub