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Welcome to SILVERRUDDER 2024 

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Premiumropes – discount on ropes only until xmas

During this year’s Silverrudder we had the splicing service of Premiumropes in Svendborg Harbour. They also put a discount card into your goodie-bag: every participant can reclaim a 20% discount on his ropes order via the webshop – and the voucher is valid until Xmas 2023. Wouldn’t that be a nice present for you and your boat? New set of sheets or a beautifully spliced halyard under the tree?

For any questions, which rope to take you can contact Sören in the Kiel office of Premiumropes via WhatsApp +49 176 7632 1104 or email him

We look forward to continuing working our partnership with Premiumropes and already have some awesome ideas planned for next year.







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 The SILVERRUDDER TEAM would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The SILVERRUDDER Challenge is in many respects a lot like Christmas Eve. It takes huge amounts of planning and preparation, and no details may be overlooked. Everything has to be just like the previous years… Some of us travel huge distances to participate in the year’s festivities where we meet with our loved ones, friends and sailing family and enjoy a few intense days enjoying each other’s good company and exchange tales of the months that have passed since we last met.
For many of us, we will only meet on this one special occasion each year. Suddenly, it all ends abruptly in one great exchange of gifts or finisher T-shirts. Some of us are fortunate enough to get the gift we longed for all year, and some of us will have to add the finisher t-shirt to our shopping cart again next year.

The SILVERRUDDER team have gone into winter mode, but we are not hibernating. The Team is busy preparing for next year’s magnificent sailing event, just as some of you are spending your evenings in the basements creating minor improvements that will make your boats just a little faster or better suited for single-handed sailing when the season starts in the New Year.

In the same manner, we also look forward to introducing a few minor improvements to the race next year. Improvements that will enhance your safety without compromising the simplicity or spirit of the race.
The overwhelming enthusiasm surrounding this event so far makes preparing the event rewarding for us. We promise to do our utmost to make the 2024 SILVERRUDDER - CHALLENGE OF THE SEA a memorable and safe event for all participants, family, volunteers and partners.

We hope that you will utilize the time leading up to the event preparing your boats and yourselves, mentally and physically for this personal challenge against the elements and your competitors, and always thinking excellent seamanship and “safety first”.
Moreover, we can hardly wait to see you all in Svendborg for the 2024 edition of the SILVERRUDDER - CHALLENGE OF THE SEA on September 20th, where friends will meet and compete in the beautiful waters around Funen.

Remember that sale of entries starts: Sunday 10th. March 2024 at 18.00 CET

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