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Tracking with TracTrac.
Use this link:

All participants in Silverrudder will be equipped with a TracTrac GPS tracker which must be mounted on the boat during the entire voyage.
The tracker is already switched on when it is handed out and cannot be switched off either before or during the voyage.
The tracker reports the boat's position every minute during the voyage. When the boat approaches the finish line, the position is reported every three seconds.
During the voyage, the tracking is followed in the TracTrac app (iOS and Android) and on the web. In the app, the participating boats are divided into separate races according to their respective start times.
The tracking is also used to calculate intermediate times at a number of passage points that are passed along the way on the voyage around Funen.
Correspondingly, the tracking is used to estimate a preliminary finish line passage time. This is not the final and official finish time.

When the tracking app is opened during sailing, only the most recent positions for each individual boat are displayed. Only when the sailing is finished, is it possible to load all boat tracks from start to finish.

General information about tracking and GPS precision: The trackers transmit their position over the mobile network. If there is no connection to the mobile network (outside coverage area), the positions will still be put in a queue, which will be transmitted when the connection is automatically restored. The boat tracks are visualized in the Apps by interpolating between each position message. GPS positioning will always be subject to a small degree of uncertainty.

SOS button: The tracker has one button on the front. This button can be used to activate an alarm which is sent to the Silverrudder surveillance centre. The alarm is activated by pressing and holding the button for 4 seconds (count to 4). NOTE: The SOS message from the tracker only goes through if it is within the mobile coverage area. When the tracker is mounted on the boat, be careful not to activate the SOS button - or that the button is pressed against any part of the boat.


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