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Going for a Silverrudder™ Challenge Trophy?

The race is constiuted of 7 classes - and there will be announced winner in each of them. If any competitors are able to beat the best time set by the previous winners they will be awarded and annonced as the new holders of one of a Silverrudder Challenge Trophies for the next 12 month. 

SilverRudder Trophy

The times to beat in the 7 categories are:

Keelboat mini: Morten Bogacki, Pogo2, Mojo, 23:06:18, 2015

Keelboat small: Franz Schollmayer, Esse 850, Firlefranz, 20:23:14, 2015

Keelboat medium: Wolfram Heibeck , Open 32, Black Maggy, 19:18:03, 2015

Keelboat large: Andreas Rohde, JPK 38, Ratzfatz3, 19:02:16, 2015 

Keelboat extra large: Pål Stiansen, Xp-44, Born to Run, 19:09:59, 2018

Multihull small: Anders Bastiansen 28 Dragonfly, 16:04:58, 2015

Multihull large: Jan Andersen , Black Marlin, 15:01:05, 2019



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