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Silverrudder Splicing Course with Premiumropes

Exclusive for all participants of the Silverrudder – Challenge of the sea! A new online Webinar:

Splicing Modern Ropes on April 22nd and April 25th, 2024.

In two separate webinars Premiumropes explains the various materials and rope constructions of modern ropes.
We will also explain which rope to choose for a specific application on a sailing boat. The workshop is divided in
two evenings, both starting at 19:00hrs Svendborg time.

Even though this is an online event, the webinar is very much about ‘Doing It Yourself’. You will learn how to splice
halyards made from Dyneema® or Stirotex fibres and double braided polyester ropes. We also explain how to make
soft shackles. All splices will be demonstrated step-by-step and you will have plenty of time to follow the instructions.
During the webinar there are opportunities to ask questions and send in photos of your splicing results.

 In order to participate, please choose one of the three packs.

Pack 1 (ropes only) incl. Participation for one sailor

Pack 2 (ropes + essential tools) incl. Participation for one sailor

Pack 3 (ropes + complete tool set) incl. participation for one sailor

The workshop is divided in two evenings, both starting at 19:00hrs Svendborg time.

For questions, please feel free to contact either Jan-Willem Polman or Sören Zopf directly at Premiumropes in Amsterdam and Kiel.


Welcome onboard the SILVERUDDER Challenge

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