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until Silverrudder Friday 20. Sept. 2024
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Welcome to SILVERRUDDER 2024 

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SILVERRUDDER Challenge 2024 is a huge success again and we have reached 450 registrations. 

If you still have not paid, please do so immediately. 

Price: € 215 or DKr. 1.600 

Transfer to FYNSKE BANK Reg. No. 0815 Account no. 0000230162.
IBAN: DK5308150000230162
SWIFT address/BIC: VESBDK22 

Please supply skipper name from your registration as an identification of your payment.
Registration is first recorded on the final list when the payment is registered

Timetable for SILVERRUDDER enrolment, sale and transfer

• 4th. August at 18.00 CET. Deadline for return of entries to
• 11th. August at 18.00 CET. Sale of returned entries. DKr. 1600. First come, first served.
• 20th September. Start SILVERRUDDER 2024.







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Premiumropes and SILVERRUDDER - new partnership for splicing and ropes

We are excited to announce a new partnership for SILVERRUDDER and welcome Premiumropes onboard. Many of you know Premiumropes as rope manufacturer and splicing experts from personal experience or have seen the popular videos on YouTube. Last year we already had Sören Zopf from the Premiumropes Kiel office with us in Svendborg to help participants with ropes. That was successful and they have decided to become partners with SILVERRUDDER officially! 

You as participant in the SILVERRUDDER can benefit from this!

  • On-site splicing service                                                    

Premiumropes will come to Svendborg Harbour in the week before the Start of SILVERRUDDER 2024. They bring ropes, a splicing bench and tools to help you. This service has been well received during last year’s event and we welcome this engagement..

Stay tuned for more info!                                                               

  • free advice for rope selection or questions to running rigging

Of course, Premiumropes is also available to support you with their knowledge and experience. Give them a shout either in Kiel/Germany or Amsterdam/Netherlands. They are reachable by email/phone/WhatsApp.