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You are here: Transfer and refund

Transfer and refund of entries SILVERRUDDER 2021.

Dear SILVERRUDDER friends and participants Last year, sale of all 450 SILVERRUDDER start numbers took less than 1 week. Even though this in itself is a measurement of success, it left some sailors disappointed at not having been able to secure a start number.

During the final months leading up to the event, a number of SILVERRUDDER participants expressed a wish to sell or transfer their personal entry enabling other sailors to participate in the event. Some had sold their boats and others were unable to race for other personal reasons. This also meant that fewer boats were able to start the event than had actually enrolled.

It has therefore as last year been decided that registered participants that cannot participate in the SILVERRUDDER Challenge 2021 may return their entry to the SILVERRUDDER Administration and receive a part-refund of DKr. 500. This is only possible if they, no later than 20. June, have cancelled their enrolment in writing to Mark as Cancellation.

Return of entries may only be done by the original buyer and the DKr. 500 refund can only be transferred to the original credit card used to enroll. The SILVERRUDDER Administration will re-sell the returned entries DKr. 1200 on a first come-first served basis on 22. June at 18.00 CET. First come, first served.

Sailors wishing to enroll should visit

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