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Due to the number of SILVERRUDDER boats participating in the world’s largest Singlehand regatta, Svendborg Harbour will be closed for all other visiting boats from the 16th. – 22th. September.

Non-SILVERRUDDER participants are kindly requested to moor in the “round” Svendborg Marina to the West of the harbor or Vindeby. SILVERRUDDER participants may moor their boats free of charge from Monday 16th. September until Sunday 29th. September.

Saturday 7 - Sunday 15 September.
SILVERRUDDER participants can moor in Svendborg Harbour from 7-15 September at a special reduced rate. All boats moored in the harbour must buy a SILVERRUDDER ticket from the vending machine by the Harbour Office.

Monday 16 – Sunday 22 September.
Between 16 – 22 September the SILVERRUDDER Harbour Team is active and will assist you by mooring your boat. SILVERRUDDER participants can moor their boats in Svendborg Harbour free of charge. The use of toilets and shower facilities is not free. A Landlubber code must be bought at the vending machine by the Harbour Office. This Landlubber code will give you access to and enable you to pay for toilet and shower facilities as well as laundry and use of slipway.
The Landlubber code costs kr. 50. This amount gives you access to the toilet and shower facilities for your entire stay including kr 50 credit for showers or water Etc.

You decide how much credit you choose to charge on to your Landlubber code. If you require more credits on the code simply return to the vending machine and recharge. Note that excess credit CANNOT be refunded when you leave Svendborg harbour.

Monday 23 – Sunday 29 September.
SILVERRUDDER participants may remain in Svendborg Harbour from 23-29 September at a reduced rate by purchasing a new SILVERRUDDER ticket from the vending machine by the Harbour Office. Boats of less than 11,99m DKK 165,-. Boats above 12,00m DKK 205,-.

NB, Kindly park your boat in accordance with the HARBOUR PLAN and follow the instructions given by the SILVERRUDDER Harbour Service personnel.

Svendborg Amatør Sejlklub and SILVERRUDDER have contracted with mobile crane service KDC KRANER – look:

Participants arriving with boats on trailers can have their boats launched free of charge on the Nordre Kaj – see the HARBOUR PLAN.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays at the crane, all participants wishing to use the mobile crane service must follow the instructions given by the Harbour Service personnel. Participants must wait their turn and boats must be in all respects ready to launch when their turn comes.

Boats can be launched free of charge on Thursday 19th. September between 09:00 – 16.00. Praticipants can hire crane assistance outside this period for DKr. 750 by contacting on phone number +45 2568 6621 or via e-mail

SILVERRUDDER participants can have their boats hauled out free of charge on Sunday 22th.between 10:00 and 13:00.

Participants can hire crane assistance outside this period for DKr. 750 by contacting KDC on phone number +45 2568 6621 or via e-mail

Boats able to launch at a slipway can do so free of charge from Wednesday 18th. in the morning until Sunday 22th. in the evening. See the HARBOUR PLAN for location of the slipway.


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