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until Silverrudder Friday 15. Sept. 2023
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Welcome to SILVERRUDDER 2023 

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SOLD OUT - Registration has ended.

Silverrudder sold out in a few hours. Unfortunately, there were some problems for some, this was due to our hostmaster choosing to make an unannounced update of their equipment at the same time as we were selling tickets. We apologize for the problems this has caused.

Please make sure that the name of the participating skipper is written on your bank transfer. Your registration is NOT final until your payment has been received. Payment must be made immediately upon registration. If we have not registered your payment by March 31st. 2023, the registration will be cancelled without further notice.

If you are new to the SILVERRUDDER, please read up on the Sailing Instructions and race Statutes. Most of your questions will be answered there. Otherwise, please feel free to write to us:








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Dear SILVERRUDDER participants

 Congratulations on making it through step one of this amazing event.

 Any one that did not manage to register will have the opportunity to purchase one of the cancelled tickets on Sunday 13 August.

 Step two must be to get the boat launched and start practising for the race.... in the meantime check out the below list of participants.

 A huge welcome to the new-comers of the SILVERRUDDER Family, and welcome back to our loyal Family members... great to see you back on the list 🤩

 Note the diversity of nationalities this year and also note the number of Seascape First SE 27 competing for the third EUROSAF single-handed championship. It's going to be a blast of a race again.

 The SILVERRUDDER Family is really excited and honoured to be allowed to stage this incredible event for you again this year. Thank you.





 Dear SILVERRUDDER Friends and Family

Since the 2023 SILVERRUDDER sold out on Sunday, we have received many requests from sailors asking to be added to the waiting list.

We do not have a waiting list.

The SILVERRUDDER has always operated
on a first come, first served basis. This is
to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to  participate.

However... each year a number of tickets
are cancelled and these will be sold on Sunday 13 August on

Mark an X in your calender and prepare to secure a last minute ticket for this great saling event.